Using LinkedIn for Job Success


Today, employers sometimes use social media to look up potential customers’ accounts even before you have your interview. LinkedIn is one of the first social media sites that he will visit. Why? It is sort of a facebook for professionals or job related social media sites.

Looking at your LinkedIn profile would give an employer a glimpse at your background from which he will make a quick judgment. So, since you are applying for a position, you want to keep an optimistic perception and make sure that the interviewer will be excited about your upcoming meeting. Below are some ways by which you can make your LinkedIn account portray something positive about yourself. Learn more about linkedin for jobs, go here.

One failure of people who have joined LinkedIn is that they do not put their full resume on the site. What they do is only put their current or last position that they held. If you will only include the most recent you will have a weak description of yourself and might reflect poorly on you. If you are looking for a position of any level you need to make sure that your full CV is on your profile.

If you haven’t done it yet, just set aside a few minutes to do so. It won’t take that long. If you are an active job seeker, the first rule in making a professional, well done LinkedIn profile is to make certain that your CV is up to date and is the same resume that you are sending to the companies you are applying with. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started.

Make sure to have a professional picture in your LinkedIn profile. In other social media sites it is fine to have unflattering profile pictures or pictures that are not even yours. It is important to put a photo in LinkedIn but what kind of photo should it be? Choose a professional picture that will depict the person whom they will meet for the interview.

LinkedIn profile pictures and Facebook pictures do not have the same requirements. While there are really no requirements you can put any picture in your facebook profile picture, while your LInkedIN profile picture should be something that will show your potential employees what you will look like upon meeting them.

Make sure you have a good amount of professional contacts. Younger LinkedIn account holders have very few contacts on the site. This means that networking is not important to them which also reflect poorly on your work ethic and problem solving skills as they should be getting to the people with whom they wish to engage.


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